Pigmentation Removal/Reduction

Pigmentation Removal/Reduction

Pigmentation can occur for a variety of reasons.

Your skin contains a pigment called melanin. This determines the colour of your skin, hair and eyes. People with darker skin tend to have more melanin in their skin cells than those with lighter skin.  When skin become damaged or unhealthy, extra melanin is produced to help protect your skin. (creating dark spots) Alternatively, the cells that produce pigment can be damaged and stop working. This stops melanin production. As a result, parts of your skin may turn lighter.

The effects can also become more obvious get older and if left untreated and unprotected can worsen.

Common causes are:

  • over-exposure to the sun, not using spf or using sunbeds

  • genetics

  • hormonal changes such as pregnancy

  • medical conditions and trauma to the skin (such as burns or as a result of spots and picking).

Suggested treatment

Illumifacials can be tailored to target pigmentation.

Dermalux LED light therapy (infrared) can be added to any treatment or as a stand alone treatment. It targets pigmentation and calms.

Dermalogica Pro Power Peel (Bright). Would smooth and tone skin texture.

Products we recommend are Dermalogica and AluminaMD

Ask your therapist for you personalised skin analysis